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The main things that are involved in the SBI CSP Apply process are researching and choosing a bank, checking the eligibility criteria, and contacting the bank. However, registering with the State Bank of India is the default process before considering filling and sending your CSP application to the bank. In addition to these factors, you may need to follow a set of other crucial steps, as well, to become a Bank Mitra of SBI. Here are those steps.

Gather Required Documents

The SBI CSP Apply process needs you to collect the necessary documents, which may include:

• Identity proof
• Address proof
• Business registration documents
• PAN card
• Photographs
• Any other credentials mentioned by the bank

Fill out the Application Form:

You can get the application form required to fill and submit from the SBI bank. You can also download the form from the official website of the bank. Fill it out with accurate and complete information.

Submit the Application

The next process involved in becoming a service provider of SBI is to send the finished application form among the mandatory papers to the bank. You may need to do this at the nearest branch or through the online application portal of the bank, depending on the bank’s process.


The State Bank of India may need you to undertake training if necessary to make you an efficient Bank CSP provider. Thus, you may need to prepare yourself to partake in the sessions provided by the bank.

Application Review

SBI will review your application, and there may be an assessment process to ensure that you meet their criteria.

Approval and Agreement

If SBI approves your application, you may need to sign an agreement with the bank to work as an authentic Bank CSP provider. This agreement will outline the terms and conditions of the CSP arrangement.

You have to keep in mind that the exact steps as well as requirements may differ from one bank to another. Therefore, always check with the State Bank of India directly or visit the bank’s official website for the most precise and latest information on applying to become a CSP provider of the bank.

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